BIRDWATCHING COLOMBIA is part of the AVIATUR Group, a leading tourism company, with more than 62 years in the market. It offers tourists bird watching experiences made to measure in the different regions of Colombia, a country recognized for its biodiversity and for being number 1 with its 1941 species of birds.

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Paramo of

Touring the largest and holiest wasteland on the planet

Observing the species of birds that are in a state of threat

The paramos are endemic ecosystems that developed only in South America on the Andes mountain range following the meridian of the equator, being a unique ecosystem the need for human beings to contact nature is seen to enjoy a harmonious life.

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Chingaza National
Natural Park

Tour the fauna and flora refuge of the Andes that reveals to its visitors the secret of life

In search of the endemic species of Bacatá

The Chingaza National Natural Park is a natural and cultural treasure of central Colombia, its mountains keep secrets and thoughts inherited from the Muiscas and the Guayupes, indigenous peoples who protected this territory, as well as from peasant communities that inhabited the region less than 40 years. Today it is a refuge for fauna and flora of the Andes that reveal the secret of life to the visitor.

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Big swamp of
Santa Marta

Get to know the largest coastal lagoon in Colombia

The Ciénaga Grande de Santa Marta is located in the north of Colombia, in the department of Magdalena, with its 45,000 hectares it is the largest lagoon complex in Colombia and one of the most strategic for life on the planet.

It is formed by progressive accumulations of sediments from the Magdalena River, in turn it is made up of mangrove ecosystems, swamps, rivers, streams and swampy areas; it is part of a complex of waters of more than 100 swamps that present different levels of sedimentation and salinity.

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Julián López Peña

Director Birdwatching Colombia

We specialize in creating unique experiences for lovers of bird watching, highlighting the 1941 species existing in Colombia, which represent 20% of the diversity worldwide.

Our tours offer the opportunity to visit the different regions of the country to know the richness in biodiversity, culture, gastronomy, landscapes and ethnic groups, in each of them.

We also have exclusive plans aimed at groups of companies, colleges and universities interested in knowing the natural and cultural wealth of the country.

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